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Abstract (English):
Scientific publications on echolocation of trained marine mammals that contain the results of researches for proving or checking of existing click-echo-click echolocation paradigm are analyzed in this article. As a result of the analysis it is established out that only 90% of the measured intervals between packages of impulses exceed time of passing of a package to a target and back. It demanded an explanation and promotion of new hypotheses. Hypothesis of “forcing” the targets to vibration by marine mammals is proposed. Variants of forcing to vibration: click-responses, click-res(-click-)ponses, clicks-response. There are reasons to believe what this mode of echolocation use some species of toothed whales: killer whales, dolphins and white whales. In case of confirmation of a hypothesis of forcing to vibration during carrying out new experiments the using this operating mode of biolocators of marine mammals at creation of their technical analog can increase considerably the search productivity of hydroacoustic stations. Carrying out additional researches on verification of the assumption of lack of echo signals from targets during the work of a biolocator in operating mode of forcing to vibration is required.

marine mammals, toothed whale, echolocation, interclick interval, interpacket interval, pulses repetition rate
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