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The presentation of a new scientific ideology based on the system information-hierarchical approach and characterizing the development of States, ethnoses, religions and modern civilization as evolutional socio-natural systems is continued. The incipient destruction of the bi-ethnic Christian-Jewish religious system, known as the Apocalypse, has been scientifically justified. The involution of the USA, USSR-Russia, Ukraine, China, the Jewish ethnos, Catholic and Orthodox superethnoses is consistent year-to-year with the earlier forecasts of their structural "perestroika": USSR-Russia 1991–1999, Ukraine 2014–2022, the Jewish ethnos 2022–2032 and others. The prolongation of the joint existence of the Catholic, Russian and Chinese superethnoses with the Jewish ethnos as components of the Christian-Jewish system for another 1000 years depends on China's acceptance of the Orthodoxy based on the New Testament.

information-hierarchical approach, States, ethnoses, religions, forecast, Russia
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