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Currently, law enforcement officers are of great concern to the issues related to counteracting criminal attacks in the field of human trafficking. Taking into ac-count the fact that the underworld is rapidly changing and adapting, this scientific study regarding the counteraction of these crimes was prepared in order to present the most common characteristic features of the counteraction to this type of crime for practical law enforcement officers, who could apply the results of the study in their practical activities. In the course of the study, the author analyzed the key trends contributing to the growth in the level of crime associated with human traf-ficking, as well as the main factors contributing to the commission of the crimes under consideration. He found that the methods of recruiting victims of the crimes in question change, taking into account the mechanisms of conspiracy of criminals. There has also been an increase in a new form of human trafficking that is linked to sex tourism. The author comes to the conclusion that the level of these criminal attacks reacts extremely quickly to any social and economic and changes. In order to effectively counter the crime in question, it is necessary to improve international cooperation between law enforcement officers, including within the framework of the CIS member states. The author proposes a number of measures as priority areas for preventing the criminal exploitation of a person. The author emphasizes that representatives of civil society should support practitioners in this work and become part of the necessary cooperation in this area. In conclusion, it is concluded that it is necessary to develop modern methodological recommendations for identifying, collecting all the necessary materials and documents necessary for solving the crimes in question.

national security, human trafficking, transnational crime, organized crime, civil society, law enforcement agencies, international cooperation, legal regulation, legal proceedings, exploitation and recruitment of victims, crime prevention
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