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As shown in the article, the main prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals has been created in Russia – the corresponding state policy has been formed and is being implemented. Mutual understanding and partnerships between government and business in this area of public relations also contribute to sustainable development. The results of the analysis of international and national statistical data confirm that Russia has passed the initial stage of forming a model of a sustainable society. The growth trend of the country's economy continues despite the conditions of tough external sanctions pressure. This means that there are opportunities for successfully addressing the challenges of sustainable development in the future. In the course of the study, methodological conclusions were also obtained. More productive is the analysis of sustainable development from two positions at the same time – its structure and goals. It is advisable to increase the cognitive potential of sustainable development indicators by converting them using the linear normalization method.

sustainable development, sustainable development goals, sustainable development indicators, non-financial reporting, public policy, development management, international comparisons, ratings, indicator normalization method, statistical data
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